Pharmacies on high alert as floods cause severe damage in South East Queensland and Northern NSW  

As the flood situation starts to worsen and millions of people are told to ‘stay home,’ in South East Queensland and Northern NSW, pharmacies are on high alert. The intense weather is still causing continuous flooding with the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) putting more and more fresh flood warnings out. It has been reported that more than 400mm of rain on Sunday has fallen in the Brisbane area alone.  

Nine news reported, Annastacia Palaszczuk says the intense weather that smashed the state’s South East was “like an unpredictable cyclone”. With major highways and roads closed and around 51,000 people with no power, many pharmacy store owners are likely to be affected in these areas and customers unable to get to stores for urgent medication.  

Pharmacy Insurance specialist, Carollo Horton and Associates CEO, Giuseppe Carollo has said the most important thing right now is, Be Safe. Be sure that you and your staff are safe. Don’t cross flooded roads to get to your store and follow all the local safety advice.” 

“From an insurance perspective, pharmacies need to try to minimise further damage where they can. Have a think about ‘What are your most valuable contents, items and stock lines? Are they in a safe location up high? Are your computers and financial records backed up and accessible?” Carollo said. 

Carollo also highlighted that pharmacies should focus on their most vulnerable clients “Who are your most vulnerable clients? Think of those that may be due for a repeat this week and how you may be able to assist them.” 

Another important step is to contact your insurer as soon as possible, “Contact your insurer to lodge a claim and to get any specific advice you need.”  

“We expect this will be defined as an ‘insurance catastrophe’ which will give affected clients priority with urgent triage and support. Some insurers will setup a special hotline and mobilise their disaster response specialists to assist their affected customers with claims and assessments as soon as emergency services say it is safe to do so.” 

“Your policy may also cover you for loss of income over the period you are closed. This Business Interruption cover will also be triggered when you lodge your claim,” Carollo said. 

Carollo noted that pharmacies will need to be patient as repairers in the affected areas are stretched past breaking point so it may take some time to get professional help. “Some stores may have collapsed ceilings and others only minor damage so repairers will prioritise,” said Carollo. 

Carollo also encourages pharmacy owners and managers to take lots of photos and start to clean up what they can while they await assistance.  

Pharmacies should speak with their insurance broker for assistance and to lodge a claim as soon as they can.  

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