The Sixth Child Charity

Meet Jaime Ramos, one of the team at The Sixth Child Charity

Meet Jaime Ramos, one of the team at The Sixth Child Charity who is dedicated to improving the lives of children everywhere through direct, hands-on projects that deliver educational tools, support service and social justice. We recently caught up with Jaime, who shares more about the important work they do at The Sixth Child, how the pandemic has impacted the charity, communities and the children it supports, current projects The Sixth child is doing and future goals.

Tell us a bit about The Sixth Child Charity. How do you help improve social disadvantage?

Some children are struggling without the most basic of human needs: a safe home, food and clothing. Others are denied any fair opportunity because they cannot afford books, computers, musical instrument or sporting equipment that would allow them to participate fully in their education and development. We enhance the lives of disadvantaged children by addressing their specific needs through targeted community projects.

Our work spans Australia and beyond, providing urgent material aid, cultural and indigenous outreach, social justice advocacy and educational tools to facilitate long term change.

We support those children who ‘fall through the cracks’ as majority of services are for the parents. Often children who have had to leave their home suddenly, have had to leave all their belongings behind, leaving them with nothing to go to school with etc. So, we fulfil this need. One-off necessities such as a school backpack filled with suppliers can enhance their life more than people realise. Many children who don’t have these school suppliers or a uniform won’t enjoy going to school, potentially giving them a bad experience at school which can affect their schooling long-term.

Research about young Australians who experience severe disadvantage reveals they have lower levels of life satisfaction, less positivity about the future and feel less safe than their peers. The link between child poverty and poor educational outcomes highlights that its impact reaches well into the future. We can break the cycle and help the 1 in 6 Australian children who live in disadvantage.

Our promise is to help disadvantaged children lead happier, fuller lives.

The pandemic has had a major impact on all communities. Can you tell us about your experience, how this has impacted the charity and the children you support?

The pandemic has affected people’s lives in so many different ways and has also created additional challenges for many disadvantaged families in our community. At the start of the lockdowns many children couldn’t participate in home schooling as there was no suitable internet connection or they didn’t have a computer. In cases like this, we provided 35 laptops with dongles so these children could access home schooling.

This year, we have really seen an increase in younger children struggling to go back to school and with social interaction. We support seven schools with items for their incentive programs that reward children for regular attendance at school and displaying positive behaviour. With the schools able to provide good incentives/items, they have seen positive behaviour double within two weeks.  

With lockdowns and COVID affecting people’s employment, many families haven’t been able to afford new clothes, shoes or school supplies causing great stress on parents. In response to this, we have been providing new clothes and shoes for both the children and their parents.  

On 24 July, we see you are having a ‘Christmas in July’ fundraising event. Can you tell us a bit about this and why people should attend?

Christmas is all about the spirit of giving and giving can be done at any time of year. With the help of ‘Creating the Magic,’ the brainchild of Naomi Derrick, we are seeking to help thousands of children who are in need of warm clothes for school and educational supplies this winter with our special charity event on Sunday 24th July 2022 at the Dingley International. Our goals is to raise another $50,000 at our charity event, on top of the $25,000 already raised with raffles and donations.

It will be a day to remember with a scrumptious 3 course lunch, live auction, raffles, Christmas tree raffle, live music and just lots of fun. For more information about the event and to book tickets, visit our website here.

Interested in sponsoring the event or providing a gift for our auction? Contact Naomi Derrick on 0419 686 774.

Can you tell us some of the projects you are currently doing? What are the best ways people and/or businesses can support The Sixth Child Charity?

Every year we run our Christmas Campaign which gives gifts to disadvantaged children at Christmas time. Throughout the year, we provide ongoing educational support to any child that needs it through supply of uniforms, book lists, laptops and other items. We work to source and supply these items, ensuring children are able to continue their education without any disadvantage. So far, we have provided educational support to dozens of schools as well as community agencies such as mental health, refugee and youth services to help them support their students and clients.

The Sixth Child is entirely volunteer run. We keep admin costs as low as possible and are passionate about the full value of your contribution reaching its intended goal without being diluted by operational costs. Direct donation is beneficial so we can put the donations towards where we need it most right now and help keep us running. You can help by donating to The Sixth Child today here.

Or join us for our ‘Creating the Magic’ Christmas in July event! Purchase tickets here.

What does Carollo Horton’s support mean to you and The Sixth Child Charity?

The Sixth Child is a small grassroots charity who don’t receive any Government funding and rely on support from the business community. For The Sixth Child to be able to operate and do the important work they do, we are required to have insurance cover. Carollo Horton supports with all our insurance needs, so we are fully covered to safeguard our operations from public liability to volunteer insurance. This support means we can direct more funds into educational supplies and other community projects than on operating expenses.

What’s next for yourself and The Sixth Child Charity?

Our next goal is to increase our warehouse space so we can expand our reach and to run programs such as art therapy, music programs and other hands-on learning such as apprenticeships in carpentry for girls.

In the future, we also hope to set up an alternative school for children who are finding mainstream school isn’t for them.

I would like to thank everyone who supports us and all our volunteers. Without you all, we wouldn’t be able to continue the work we do in supporting the children.

For more information on The Sixth Child or to show your support, visit the website here.