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Guidelines for Proprietor Pharmacists – Regulation Refresher

Although this isn’t a new document, it sometimes helps to refresh yourself on the Guidelines for Proprietor Pharmacists which cover what you should be doing as part of your professional responsibilities as a proprietor pharmacist.   If you operate your pharmacy within the bounds of these guidelines then you will not have any issues.   But, sometimes you may still receive requests for information from a government department.  If that was to happen then our Professional Indemnity insurance and legal advice will provide assistance.

If the proprietor/owner or partner-in-ownership pharmacist is not the pharmacist usually in charge of that pharmacy, you still must vigilantly maintain an active interest in how the practice of pharmacy is being conducted.  This mean that even if you are busy juggling staffing issues at multiple stores,  you cannot delegate your professional obligations, even if you are not regularly present at the pharmacy.   This applies to every pharmacist who own a pharmacy, or pharmacies, in all forms of business structures.

This approach will ensure that if you find that the practice of pharmacy does not operate in accordance with the policies and guidelines you must intervene to ensure that the pharmacy business is
conducted properly.

Summary of guidelines
These guidelines focus on the professional responsibilities of proprietor pharmacists that impact on the safe, effective delivery of services to the public.  A registered pharmacist who is a proprietor of, or who has a pecuniary interest in, a pharmacy business, must:
• maintain, and be able to demonstrate an awareness of, the manner in which that pharmacy business is being conducted, and
• where necessary, intervene to ensure that the practice of pharmacy is conducted in accordance with applicable laws, standards and guidelines

Download the Pharmacy Board Guidelines as a refresher on your responsibilities.

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