Casey Clark from Scenic Rim Discount Drug Store

Client Stories: Meet Casey Clark from Scenic Rim Discount Drug Store 

Community is at the heart of Casey’s world. Growing up in Beaudesert, Queensland, her introduction to pharmacy came early – through her dad, who was a pharmacist and one of the founders of Discount Drug Stores. Casey’s children and cousins attend their local school, and her full-service community pharmacy:  

‘ involved with our local community… part of the local health expo every year, sponsor of the local tennis club and women’s football team, and provides regular health talks at the local Lions club and library’. 

As a local community pharmacy, Scenic Rim Discount Drug Store was grateful to continue to support their customers during the Covid-19 pandemic 

They offer a wide variety of support and assistance, such as: 

  • Health advice and checks 
  • Vaccination services 
  • Sleep Apnoea services 
  • Blood pressure services 
  • HbA1c & Lipid Testing 
  • Medication supply and reviews 
  • Equipment hire 
  • Pain management 
  • Home healthcare aids 

Casey and her team also adjusted their home delivery/click and collect services in line with Covid restrictions and introduced electronic prescription (e-script) to the pharmacy.  

The recent floods in SE Queensland and Northern NSW impacted the community, and pharmacy, in an entirely different way

Casey explains their experience, 

‘We were lucky our pharmacy wasn’t damaged by the floods. With many roads into town cut off, we were the only store open in the whole area, essentially covering five pharmacies. Customers were lined up at the door and down the street.  

So many new customers came to us from other pharmacies. But we had no history of their scripts, so we had to call doctors to send us their patients’ electronic scripts. This is where e-scripts were so vital in still being able to provide people with medication. Our local doctors also couldn’t get to their clinics but, where possible, they worked from home via telehealth appointments.  

For the first few days, we were short on staff (because they couldn’t travel to the pharmacy) and low on stock. During that time, we provided partial supply of medications until our stock was delivered. The delivery, usually a 40-minute trip, took over three hours to get to us.’ 

Innovation is nothing new to Casey’s pharmacy – they have recently introduced a dispensary robot!  

‘It has been tough finding pharmacy staff / assistants to work in the store as there has been a shortage. It’s so important that we increase our availability to our customers, rather than be stuck in administration roles, so automation has helped us reach this goal.  

First, we introduced the new dispensary robot to help us with picking stock and quicker dispensing. But we’ve also taken it a step further by installing a packaging robot which drops the tablets down in the pack, so all the staff have to do is seal the package of medications.’  

Casey’s top tip for business success 

‘Loving what you do! If you don’t love what you do, then you won’t put the effort in to truly succeed at it.’  

Scenic Rim Discount Drug Store is certainly part of their community  

‘We were so pleased to win the Discount Drug Store ‘Community Engagement of the Year’ award. But our main achievement is that our customers return to us! My team always go above and beyond for our customers and to see them keep returning is an achievement in itself.’  

Why Casey chose Carollo Horton as her pharmacy insurance provider 

‘We chose insurance specialists Carollo Horton due to their reputation in our industry.  

They make the process of insurance easy for us. Always there in times of need, they are quick to respond and make the whole process a lot less stressful.’ 

A dedicated advocate for the importance of teamwork in a successful business, Casey views her team as the lynchpin of the pharmacy. Consistently searching to improve efficiency in their business, they keep track of any new opportunities they can offer to continue to provide their local community with a wide variety of services to support their health needs.  

Visit the Scenic Rim Discount Drug Store website for more information. 

Gabby, Casey and Donna from Scenic Rim Discount Drug Store