Client stories: Meet Cameron from Barista27

If you are someone who loves quality coffee, then you need to meet Cameron and Barista27.

A practising accountant, café owner and small business entrepreneur, Cameron, is founder of Barista27, delivering premium coffee beans, freshly ground coffee and reusable pods to your door.

This is not the standard coffee you receive at the supermarket. Barista27 has partnered with a speciality roaster in Melbourne to produce their very own bespoke blend and they only grind to order.

Cameron is passionate about coffee and the hospitality industry, including owning and operating a number of cafes over the years, doing some consulting for anyone wanting to invest in the industry and equipment leasing.

Starting up an online coffee business was something he always wanted to do but not just sell the coffee but make sure the whole process from importing and roasting beans, packaging and delivery, was sustainable and carbon neutral. “I remember I was visiting family in Sydney and ordered coffee online. It came in a plastic postage bag, another plastic bag and the grind was quite stale. I’d expected better for how expensive it was.”

This inspired Cameron to set up Barista27 with a vision to deliver the best quality, freshest coffee possible, with net zero carbon emissions and no plastic waste.

Cameron from Barista27

How Barista27 came to fruition

To achieve his vision, Cameron mapped out every element of the coffee process, from packaging to shipping and the carbon footprint. “By the time I had finished I had fourteen different elements of the process to make each part sustainable. It took me many attempts to get everything right from the right coffee roaster to the home compostable packaging and carbon offsets.” Cameron also spent time using focus groups to not only test the coffee but the whole process from buying online to delivery. “My family and friends gave me a lot of feedback which I used to tweak the process where needed, before I officially launched to the public. I’m finally here with a solution for people to make their own café quality coffee at home and it’s also environmentally friendly. I’m proud of what we have achieved.”  

Barista27 officially launched in August this year and Cameron said his biggest achievement so far was “my first order from Instagram who wasn’t family or friends and bought into the concept from what they read. Now they continually purchase and refer their family and friends.”

Carollo Horton has been there for the journey

Carollo Horton has been taking care of Cameron’s insurance needs for his businesses for over five years. Cameron’s focus for each business was to always provide great service to his customers and he wanted an insurance brokerage with a similar client focus and who worked with small businesses. “Giuseppe and the rest of the team are some of our most reliable and trusted service providers over several years now. There has never been a time when they haven’t got me a better price than expected and every policy we have, has been processed extremely quickly.”

Cameron’s experience with Carollo Horton goes way beyond the insurance service they provide and the way they care for their customers. Cameron has found Carollo Horton’s CEO, Giuseppe, one of the first people he will reach out to for counsel covering insurance and much more within the business. “His experience, network and advice is always impeccable and it’s the sort of extra service that money can’t buy – the value from having Giuseppe in our corner is far more than what we spend on insurance!”

What’s next for Cameron and Barista27

It’s been a tough road for the hospitality industry over the last few years. With his accounting background Cameron has been informally providing consulting services and educating people who are looking to purchase a hospitality business. “Being in the hospitality industry for many years I have learned a lot about the importance of knowing your numbers and doing your due diligence.”

Over the next few years, Cameron would like to formalise these consulting services so anyone looking to purchase a hospitality business has someone they can speak to that can provide independent advice, for example, on good locations, food and beverage options, equipment, staffing models, food wastage and other associated costs. “I have seen so many hospitality businesses fail over the years due to them not doing due diligence or they haven’t been provided the right advice. I would love to share my experience and help them to succeed where I can.”

Even though the hospitality industry has been hit hard, he believes there still will be opportunities in the future as long as people looking to buy have an ‘original proposition’, undertake thorough research to know their competition, do their numbers and make sure they have high quality staff and equipment.

Barista27’s coffee grind and reusable pods are available to order online. To guarantee the freshness and quality of their product they ship to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide only. They use Sendle as their shipping partner due to their 100% carbon neutral shipping.

For more information or to order fresh coffee delivered to your door visit Barista27’s website here.