The Sixth Child Charity

Carollo Horton commitment to supporting The Sixth Child Charity

Every day in Australia, one in every six children and young people are growing up in poverty. This disadvantage affects most, if not all, aspects of a child’s life which leads to enormous impacts on the rest of their lives including their education. Through Carollo Horton’s support of The Sixth Child charity we hope to, in some way, help to break this cycle of poverty.

Founder of The Sixth Child, Jaime Ramos, who experienced and witnessed childhood trauma and disadvantage growing up, knows first-hand the significant impact, both mentally and emotionally it can have on someone – often right through to adulthood. Jaime was fortunate to have the support to help him through but many children in Australia don’t. With his life mission to help all children in need he set out to establish previously named, SANCSS Australia in 2015, now The Sixth Child.

How we support The Sixth Child

The Sixth Child is a small grassroots charity who don’t receive any Government funding and rely on support from the business community. For The Sixth Child to be able to operate and do the important work they do, they are required to have insurance cover. By supporting them with all their insurance cover needs, they are fully covered to safeguard their operations from public liability to volunteer insurance. This support means they can direct more funds into educational supplies and other community projects than on operating expenses. Some recent changes we made to their insurance cover for their new warehouse allows them to stock even more items required which can be delivered quicker. However, we are always on the lookout for other opportunities to help them further, and through the Carollo Horton family, our Account Manager, Maja Risteski, was able source a great deal on some bicycles they needed recently.

What it means for us being a part of The Sixth Child journey

Carollo Horton is grateful to be part of the business community, supporting a charity who are truly making a direct impact on the lives of disadvantaged children.

It’s a fundamental belief at Carollo Horton that we work to support people in the communities we live. By supporting The Sixth Child, we are able to directly see the significant impact they make to helping children live a better, happier and fulfilled life.  

The Sixth Child are currently looking for donations to their Christmas fund and to purchase ongoing educational supplies. They also work with businesses who are looking to sponsor a specific community project themselves.

Learn more about The Sixth Child charity

The Sixth Child is entirely volunteer run. You can help The Sixth Child improve the lives of disadvantaged children by making a tax-deductible donation here.

If you would like to know more about The Sixth Child Charity, visit their website here.