TravelCard Realtime Travel Insurance is now available and is revolutionary by paying travel insurance claims in “Real Time”.  Claims are paid in a matter of minutes and while “on trip”, saving on out-of-pocket expenses and avoids paperwork. And there is NIL EXCESS Your membership card is also a credit card which you can use in emergencies.

You can buy an annual policy or a single trip for both business travel and/ or leisure holidays.

Travel Insurance Inclusions


So how much does Travel Insurance cost?

Costs vary depending on the duration and destination.
As an example:

Only $12 per day for a family going to Europe for 3 weeks in August*
Prefer the snow?   Only $10 per day for a 3 week family holiday to the Australian Ski fields*


Lost Luggage:

Sue arrives in Europe but her luggage doesn’t.  After getting a lost luggage report she sends it to Travelcard who load Sue’s Travelcard with enough money to buy essential items.

Broken Camera:

John’s camera was accidentally broken while on holidays.  He sent photos and a replacement quote to Travelcard who then loaded his Travelcard with money to replace the camera.


Travel Insurance Claims in three easy steps:

1) Call or email with proof of claim (eg: photo of luggage report)

2) Claim is reviewed & approved

3) Money is loaded onto the credit card


Want cover for a single trip?   Apply online right now

Want an annual multi-trip policy or a corporate policy?  Contact us to discuss your Travel Insurance needs. We service Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and all regional areas of Australia. Call 1300 227 655 or submit an online query now to receive a response as soon as possible.


Travel Insurance Travelcard

* Examples are based on a family of 2 adults and three children travelling on 1-22 August 2018

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