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Property Insurance Specialists

Property insurance for your business in Melbourne is an important investment. Every business is unique and is subject to an endless number of risks. You might not know all the risks that does or could affect your business. Unfortunately, risks can materialise into problems and to avoid your business suffering, a property insurance product will help your business during times of need.

It is critical that you obtain the right property insurance product for your business. It would not be pleasant to learn after an incident that your insurance product does not respond to loss event because of certain conditions that have not been met.

To help you select appropriate property insurance cover, have a read of the following information.

What is Property Insurance?

Every business has property that needs to be protected. The building, the fixtures, the intellectual property and much more all need to be kept safe to help the business to run and grow. However, internal and external forces can cause harm to the business. To prevent an interruption to your daily operations, property insurance helps keep your business moving.

Types of Property Insurance Policies?

There are various types of property insurance policies to suit your requirements and the business’s needs. We can tailor a policy that is right for your business which does not contain unnecessary inclusions. This will help you to select the most appropriate level of cover. Remember, this will only work if you provide us with all the necessary information so that we are not missing out on anything important.

How Does Property Insurance Work?

Property insurance will help you when things go wrong with your business. The policy can be tailored according to your needs. Depending on your property insurance policy inclusions and exclusions, and provided you and your business have satisfied the terms of the insurance contract, the insurance product can help you deal with the claim. From assessing the claim, to negotiating with other parties, to helping you with costs – these are some of the benefits of property insurance.

Do I Need Property Insurance?

Property insurance is an invaluable investment that should not be overlooked. All too often we hear stories that businesses were not insured or were insured for the wrong amount. Many believe that saving money on insurance is good because it helps with short-term cashflow. However, when an incident does occur, the financial, emotional and reputational consequences can be significant.

Why is Property Insurance Important?

Property insurance protects, amongst other things, the most important asset of your business, the building. Without a place to run your business, your business will not do well. It is essential that the building is valued correctly so that adequate insurance is acquired. In addition, the fixtures that help operate your business and other tangible and intangible property need to be protected in case they incur damage.

How Much Does Property Insurance Cost?

The cost of property insurance will depend on the value of the property you want to insure and other factors. These other factors include the risks that your business faces, past, present and future data, the level of excess, the terms of the insurance contract and much more. After we assess all these contributing factors, a premium will be derived. This premium can be adjusted based on changes to your requirements and the conditions of the insurance product.

What Does Property Insurance Cover?

We will help you customise the right insurance product. For example, property insurance coverage can include your building, business equipment, refrigeration, air-conditioning, data losses, lost income during a business interruption and much more.

How much Property Insurance do I need?

The amount of property insurance will depend on the property that your business has. A valuation might need to be conducted to assess the value of the property. it is important that correct valuations are done so that you are covered for the right amount. Whilst being underinsured might be cheaper in the short-term, it can cause you to receive a payout that is well below the value of the property damaged.

Our team will ensure that your property insurance coverage suits your needs, whether you own the building, lease the building, or have multiple properties.

Property Insurance Quotes

A property insurance quote can help you estimate the cost of the product and provide you with information to make a decision based on comparison. After we ask you a few questions and obtain information about you and the business, we can provide you with a quotation to help you make an informed decision.

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