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You have worked hard to establish your pharmacy business in Australia. You know that you have to find the best business insurance coverage possible so that you can protect your pride and joy. Whether you operate a small or large pharmacy business, insurance is essential.

If you are unsure about what insurance coverage you require, talk to a pharmacy insurance specialist at Carollo Horton. We provide tailored and strategic business insurance products that help to protect your business.

What is Business Insurance?

Business insurance encompasses many types of policies (see next section below) that protects your pharmacy against various risks. Business is risky and it is important that you identify all your risks so that you are appropriately and adequately protected.

Types of Business Insurance Policies

Here is a list of common business insurance policies –

Do I Need Business Insurance?

At Carollo Horton, we spend time with you to identify the risks that you and your stakeholders face when operating and dealing with your pharmacy business in Australia.

We tailor the insurance product to suit your needs and requirements. This allows you to take control over the premiums, excess, exclusions and other negotiable terms. We also assist you in understanding your policy terms, inclusions and exclusions so that there are no surprises when a claim needs to be lodged.

Why is Business Insurance Important?

Business insurance is important because accidents can happen. When you are deal with the public, your business is exposed to many risks. Should someone fall over whilst browsing products in your pharmacy, or a product you sell cause personal injury to a customer, having the right insurance coverage might assist you to lower the financial burden a liability to your business can cause.

Legal costs and claims for damages can be very high. Especially in a highly regulated industry, there are many risks that need to be controlled. Discussing your requirements with a pharmacy insurance specialist will allow you to obtain the best coverage at the most affordable price.

Additionally, insurance is a requirement to comply with industry regulations. We will assist you to assess your pharmacy operations and ensure that your business is covered appropriately. We take the stress out of your day to manage your insurance portfolio and ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date.

How Much Does Business Insurance Cost?

Pharmacies should be insured because incidents can occur. When an event of loss occurs, it is vital that an insurance policy is active at the date of loss. Sufficient cover should exist so that you are not left out of pocket. All of these factors, and much more, will affect the premium paid by the insured party. It is advisable to contact us to discuss your specific circumstances so that we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

What Does Business Insurance Cover?

Business insurance can protect you and your business in various circumstances. Depending on your policy wording and exclusions, business insurance can protect your property, third parties in the event of an accident, or the advice that you give when serving a client. We work with you to develop the right insurance package for you depending on your business and your circumstances.

How much Business Insurance do I need?

The level of coverage varies between business to business. This is because each business is different and is affected by differing risks. It is important that you have a specialist assess your business and circumstances so that the right level of coverage is selected. It is not wise to copy another pharmacy business, because you might find that you might be over- or under-insured. This could mean that you are paying more premiums in the former instance, or not protecting your business enough in the latter instance.

Business Insurance Quotes

We ease the stress so that you can spend more time resuming business as quickly as possible. We can provide you with a quotation over the phone, after we ask you some questions.

We work hard with our clients to deliver exceptional products and results. We negotiate on your terms to ensure that you are comfortable with your insurance policy so that there are no surprises when a claim is made.

At Carollo Horton, we strive for excellence and provide the best-value insurance packages. Let our dedicated team talk to you about our portfolio of business insurance products and services.

Contact us to discuss your business and insurance needs. We service Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and all regional areas of Australia. Call 1300 227 655 or submit an online query now to receive a response as soon as possible.